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Non-binary Participation

The Philadelphia Marathon Weekend has expanded its gender diversity, equity, and inclusivity efforts to include non-binary participation in all races to meet the needs of our growing gender-diverse community and provide access and opportunity for all. We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusivity to ensure all athletes can thrive and compete in a welcoming and safe environment.

Expanding non-binary participation is another step in our ongoing journey to support the needs of our gender-diverse athlete community. As an organization, we are evaluating our race procedures and policies, laying down a more gender-expansive framework for today and a roadmap for years to come. We recognize that creating a new non-binary category is an evolutionary process. We are committed to working with subject matter experts and industry leaders to continue to enhance our operations to meet evolving industry standards and stay at the forefront of progress.

Additional Information on Non-binary Participation

Race Roster is the official race registration platform for the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend. If you are a new user of Race Roster, first, you create a user profile where you can select your preferred gender category. Your user profile will automatically populate during our race registration processes.

For existing Race Roster users, please log in to your user profile and adjust your gender identity category in the profile settings. You must update the gender identity category in your profile settings BEFORE registering for our races; otherwise, a change will not occur.

Race weekend results display Men, Women, and Non-binary gender identity categories. Participants’ race results reflect the gender identity category selected at registration. If a participant has completed a previous Philadelphia Marathon Weekend race in a different gender identity category, past results do not auto-populate to the participant’s updated gender identity category. Please find all race results on the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend race results page

We have increased the number of all-gender facilities available at the marathon weekend. All-gender restrooms are available at the Health and Expo inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center, at the finish line, and along the race course.

All-gender changing areas and the private lactation stations are at the finish line. These areas will be monitored throughout the race weekend by security, who have undergone sensitivity training to ensure they remain a safe space for all participants.

Participants will need confirmation of their bib number and a government-issued photo ID (a copy of a government-issued photo ID is sufficient) to pick up race materials at the Expo. 

We require a government-issued ID to verify the athlete’s name only and to ensure that the name on the athlete’s ID matches that on the athlete’s registration.

Someone else may pick up your race materials at the Expo as long as they confirm your bib number and a copy of your government-issued photo ID (a copy of a government-issued photo ID is sufficient).

Non-binary athletes applying for an elite field must submit a request by email to [email protected] with the subject: "Elite/Complimentary entry request.” Please visit the Elite Athletes page for more information.

The AACR Philadelphia Marathon, Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon, and Rothman Orthopedics 8K have been updated to include non-binary time qualifiers for athletes to gain entry into the Sub-Elite First Corral
If a sub-elite qualifying time occurred at a previous Philadelphia Marathon Weekend event or an outside event, the athlete must submit their entry during registration. In an instance where an athlete has not had an opportunity to participate in a non-binary category yet, they can apply a prior time from a men’s and women’s category to the non-binary category if the time meets the non-binary time qualification, and only after updating the gender identity category to non-binary in the user profile on Race Roster race registration platform.  

The AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Rankings and Championships currently do not offer a non-binary option for qualification but are keeping this under annual review and will continue to monitor runner data and growth to create meaningful competition.

For Elite Athletes: For 2023, the City of Philadelphia is following the policies of the national governing body USA Track and Field (USATF) which does not currently recognize a separate division for elite non-binary runners. The current policy will award prize money to elite non-binary athletes if they place in the top 5 in the men’s or women’s division. We recognize all winners by their identified gender. The City has instituted changes to improve gender inclusion in its registration and award recognition processes. The elite athlete field is by invitation or by application. To apply for an elite field, athletes must submit a request and qualifying times by email to [email protected] with the subject: "Elite/Complementary entry request."

The City of Philadelphia will launch a community engagement process in 2024 to consider potential Philadelphia-specific changes to future Philadelphia Marathon Weekend Races to insure our continued commitment to inclusion.

For Sub Elite Athletes: The AACR Philadelphia Marathon, Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon, and Rothman Orthopedics 8K will award the top three (3) non-binary finishers in each age group and cash prize money for the top finisher in all gender categories for 1st Masters, division, 1st Philadelphia (Marathon Only) and Course Record(s) for all races. Participants must declare the gender division that they will race under upon registration.