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Featured Essential Workers

We want to thank the following courageous and incredible of the "Nominate An Essential Worker" campaign for putting their lives on the line during this pandemic.

From healthcare workers to front line essential workers, on the streets keeping our transportation going, stores open, mail moving, and food flowing.

Shante and Stacie Webster

This week we have TWO essential workers we are acknowledging. Meet, Shante Webster and her mother, Stacie Webster!

Shante is a registered nurse, sports performance coach, personal trainer and yoga instructor. She has 13 years of nursing experience and offers a variety of wellness and educational training. She holds a master’s degree in exercise science with a concentration on sports injury prevention. She recently rolled up her yoga mat and packed up her running shoes and traveled to California to assist nurses in critical care units who are experiencing staffing shortages due to the COVID19 crisis.

Shante said she has seen more death these last two months than ever before. She has sat on the ground and consoled family members of lost loved ones.

Yoga, running, her dog and prayer are some of the techniques she uses to maintain her sanity while working through this pandemic and she continues to hold on to her faith that things will get better soon.

Her mother, Stacie, has been a registered nurse for 29 years and is currently assisting COVID19 patients. Stacie said she enjoys connecting with the patients and their families and assisting those in need to navigate through their sometimes confusing maze of healthcare. Outside of nursing, Stacie loves staying active. On runs, she enjoys focusing on the task, her pace and freeing her mind of many outside distractions. The longer the run, the stronger she becomes, mentally and physically.

Her greatest memories are the runs completed with her daughter [Shante]. They have inspired and encouraged each other to do many events and the memories they have created are priceless. Stacie completed the Philadelphia Marathon in 2017.

It was her first full marathon and she said she truly had to lean on everything good to get through the process. Running has connected Stacie to people and has taken her to places she's never been. Through running she learns new life lessons that she transfers to her personal and professional life. She said, because of running, "The world I see is much brighter and clearer."

THANK YOU to Shante and Stacie Webster for your sacrifice on the frontlines of the COVID19 crisis and your dedication to living a healthy & happy life! This mother-daughter duo is an inspiration to us all! Keep shining your lights! #PhillyMarathon #EssentialWorkers

Meghan Becerril

This week's Essential Worker feature is Meghan Becerril! Meghan is a Certified Nurses Aid who works with memory care patients.

She recently graduated in May with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science. Her senior year of college was cut short due to COVID-19, but she didn't let that stop her.

She moved home and immediately went back to work while also finishing her classes remotely. She works directly with COVID-19 patients and has been a trailblazer helping out whenever she is needed.

When asked to take a break after completing her classes, she said, "But I find my happiness in helping others."

Steve Hallman

Thank you to our next Essential Worker, Steve Hallman! Steve has been a longtime figure in the Philadelphia running community. Through most of the COVID crisis, Steve has been working hard as a plumber at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Working behind the scenes, Steve's work is equally important but often less recognized on the front lines. Steve is also one of the fastest runners in Philadelphia, although you would never know it talking to him, because he is as humble as he is fast!

Thank you for all you do for your community, Steve!

Ruth Mashak

Thank you to our next Essential Worker, Ruth! Ruth has been a Physical Therapist for 31 years and has not stopped working during the COVID pandemic.

She is an avid marathon runner and has finished more than 20 full marathons. She is a strong woman, facing this pandemic every day at work, setting aside negativity and risking her personal health.

Ruth has even inspired others to begin running to find strength and courage within themselves to do so!

Thank you for all you do, Ruth!

Jeffrey Lammers

Our next Essential Worker feature is Jeffrey Lammers, a firefighter/EMT for 21+ years, working the front lines in Ohio. He and his wife (a RN treating patients with COVID-19) have two teenage boys at home and they must constantly be aware of the risks at work to limit their family's exposure.

Jeff began running 10 years ago, completed his first marathon & was hooked. His passion for the sport has not only motivated his wife & sons, but other family members & friends. Jeff is courageous & committed to always help others.

Thank you for all you do for your community, Jeff! Your dedication to serve is honorable and inspirational.

Jeff and his family will all be running at the 2020 Philadelphia Marathon Weekend! We're so excited to have the Lammers Squad in town! 

Heather Viola

Heather has been working almost every single day since the outbreak began as a hardware store manager in Massachusetts. With a short staff, she works 50+ hours per week, puts a smile on her face daily, and does her best to help everyone who crosses her path. She is truly a ray of sunshine all the time. She goes to college full-time online and would have graduated a couple weeks ago if it were not for COVID19.

Running is her passion. She’s constantly giving it her best with an amazing attitude. She has walked half marathons, just to support those that can't run any longer. She has a heart of gold!

Thank you for all you do for your community, Heather! We are grateful for your hard work and sacrifice. Keep smiling and running!