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Deferral Instructions

If you deferred your 2020 Philadelphia Marathon Weekend registration, you can follow these instructions.

If you did not receive your deferral email, please check you spam folder and any other email accounts (including your work email) that you may have registered with in 2020.

If you still need help, you can email us at [email protected].

How to Claim a Deferred Registration

  1. Log in to your Run Signup account and go to PROFILE -> DEFERRALS

2. Under the DEFERRALS tab will be a list of your deferred races. The Complete Deferral link will allow you to transfer this deferred registration into the new year’s event.

3. After clicking COMPLETE DEFERRAL, this will bring you to the race page with information on the deferred registration. Click the Start Transfer button to complete your deferral and transfer into the current year’s race.

4. If the CLAIM DEFERRAL option is not showing in your list of deferrals, please contact [email protected].

Instructions - Claiming a deferral

(go to "How to Claim a Deferred Registration" section)