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A note from the event organizers

We at the Philadelphia Marathon very much value the integrity of our results and work closely with the Boston Marathon on verifying qualifying runner times. We do everything in our power to verify and get them correct. With that said, no system is perfect. Day of results are just that and any updating or adjusting is done post race, and held in our data base.

Unfortunately, we can not update the day of results ongoing due to the amount of races timed per year.

On average the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend has around 24,000 finishers. In 2019, timing showed us missing 4 runners, 3 of which we corrected shortly after the event, but this report didn’t update in the results dashboard.

Here’s some general info information that is not on the results site:

Of those 24000 runners. We immediately caught and corrected

  • 453 people drop down to the Half that were assigned to the Marathon
  • 8197 people that started in the wrong wave and gave them their correct time based on their correct start wave so that we didn’t have to DQ them
  • 147 people that cut the course, mostly because they were tired or injured and not trying to cheat. We don’t embarrass people we try and help
  • 93 People that didn’t hit the turn-around in Manayunk but finished the race. We have a split that we don’t report there.

We may not get everything 100% but we do our best to be a 100% in all that we do. We want everyone to have a great experience at our event. We look forward to seeing you next year. Have a great upcoming 2019 running season.