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Jared Ward's Training Plans

(Courtesy of Jared Ward)

Want to mix up your training or take it to the next level? Check out our pro ambassador Jared Ward’s training plans and see how he prepares for marathon training!

His focus is on consistency, staying healthy, and of course, having fun out there.

Follow along each week with an updated training video (center below) that corresponds to this week's training. To get started, pick a training plan! The workouts in the training plan reference pace zones, for those refer to the "Training Pace Zones" document below, where zones correspond to your goal finish time. Workout videos below can help you to understand the details and goals of each training session. It's never too late to start! If you are jumping in part way through, listen to your body. Maybe start with a couple weeks of just one harder session and an extra day or two of rest -- you'll be at 100% in no time!

We’re so excited to have Jared with us, sharing how he trains and prepares for race day!

Training pace zones
(full and half marathon)

Workout Descriptions