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Meet our 2022 Brand Ambassadors

The Philadelphia Marathon Ambassador Program launched in 2018 and was designed to help grow Marathon Weekend by engaging with runners on social media around the world and bringing them together for race weekend. The program helps us reach running communities throughout the USA and world to spread awareness about the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend and reach audiences who may speak a different language, but all share the same love for running. 

Our Ambassadors have qualified for the program through their diverse geographic location, activity level, and follower count on social media. They post every week about their involvement with the Philadelphia Marathon to share their passion for running (especially running Philly!) with their followers. Ambassadors receive perks like training gear, Philadelphia Marathon Weekend SWAG, access to special events during race weekend, and more!

Our 2022 program is currently filled and closed. 

This week's spotlight ambassador

Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon
Phoenixville, PA

“I first got into running for my well being to combat health risks that run in my family, but it soon became an even bigger part of my life. I love running because it's that “me” time each day, and connects you to a community of people all over the world! Philly Marathon weekend will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first marathon I ran with my husband and I qualified for Boston! I will never forget my first marathon experience & am excited for another Philly Marathon weekend!“

AACR Philadelphia Full Marathon
Bethlehem, PA

“I’ve been a runner for 28 years & I just love everything about Philadelphia (especially the sports teams). I've run the Philadelphia marathon twice & I absolutely loved the course & fans. It’s just such a great city to run in. So it’s a no brainer that I would want to head back to Philadelphia & run my third full marathon. Can’t wait!”

Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon
Newark, DE

“Over the past 2 years, my someday goals of running a half and full marathon became achievable. I started running consistently in Spring '20. It has been a journey of learning about myself, seeing what I'm capable of, and meeting many incredible individuals in the running community. The AACR Philadelphia Marathon was my first in-person marathon in '21. I am so excited to run the Dietz & Watson Half Marathon to experience more of the joy and support the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend offers!“

AACR Philadelphia Full Marathon
Prospect Park, PA

“Hello My name is Jordan Tucker. I am a sponsored brooks running ambassador. I love Philadelphia. I was born and raised there. I enjoy running to help clear my mind when life is tough. I also enjoy running to build friends and for physical health. This will be my first marathon I'm ever running. This is a big accomplishment. In October 2021 I lost my father to a heart attack. I told him I wanted to always run a marathon, so this race is dedicated to him! Go Philly and excited to be an ambassador. “

AACR Philadelphia Full Marathon
Abington, PA

“I'm a plant based runner in the Philly area and I've been a runner for what feels like my whole life. It’s been the backbone of my daily activities mainly because of how freeing it can be. I enjoy every part of it… the ups, the downs, & everything in between. When the sun goes down or before the sun comes up I'm out on the road putting in the work. It’s been a long time since I've run the Philly marathon, but I'm heading back to the place that helped start a new chapter in my running career.”

Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon
Waretown, NJ

“I love running because it can get me in a meditative state in this crazy world. The Philly marathon races are fun local races to anyone in the Tristate area that is easy to travel to for the weekend.“

AACR Philadelphia Full Marathon
Philadelphia, PA

“I started running because I did not want to be a statistic. I was tired of being tired. I was out of shape, could not catch my breath when walking up the stairs and I was always tired. Also, I have a chronic illness and I wanted to slow down the disease. Running has helped me take control of my disease, take control of my life. I am running the full marathon as a way to keep in shape, challenge myself and to prove that Black Women DO run.“

AACR Philadelphia Full Marathon
Willow Grove, PA

“Loves the roller coaster of emotions and challenges presented by running. The Philadelphia Marathon Weekend is my favorite way to celebrate the year in running. The historical landmarks along the way, and amazing crowd support from the City of Brotherly Love.”

Freedom Challenge (8K, Full Marathon and Half Marathon)
Ottawa, ON, Canada

“Pharmacist by trade, runner by desire. Running is my thing and it brings me joy. It aids me in clearing my mind as well as training towards achieving specific goals. This year it brings me back to Philadelphia, the home of where I ran my first marathon in 2012. I have great memories from that day and I look forward to making many more.”

Patriot Challenge (8k and Half Marathon)
Brooklyn, NY

“Hi, I'm Tom, aka chinnychinruns! I love running because it makes me feel free and happy! It clears my brain of negative thoughts and fills my day with all the energy I need because you never regret a run, right? I'm running at the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend because I ran the Half last year and I loved it! I loved the people, the city, the race and the energy during race weekend so I really want to experience it again! AND I CAN'T WAIT!"

AACR Philadelphia Full Marathon
Severna Park, MD

“I love to run because running is the ultimate vehicle for multi-tasking leading to a feeling of daily accomplishments. It has helped me learn about myself, giving me confidence I can do hard things. Also, through running, I discovered new friends and new places. My first marathon was in Philadelphia in 2017 so this has a special place in my heart.”

AACR Philadelphia Full Marathon
Abington, PA

“I am a married, full time working mom of 2 and have been running for over 25 years. My first race was the Broad Street Run in 2001 and it was then that I caught the long distance running big! I've run 22 marathons thus far and have run Philadelphia Marathon 10X. 2022 will be my 11th and I’m going for that legacy runner status (15X). I qualified for Boston three times here (‘04, ‘06, 21). I have so much love for this race and have loved watching it grow and evolve into what it is today!”