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2023 Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Rankings


The 2023 AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships took place at the 2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 8. Qualifying is now complete and eligible athletes have been contacted.

The 2023 rankings will contribute towards the 2024 Age Group World Championships as part of the Sydney Marathon.

Full results for past championships can be found here.

See below for the qualifying pathways for the 2024 championship.

1) AUTOMATIC TIME QUALIFICATION Any athlete achieving the Qualifying Times listed below will receive an automatic invitation to the 2024 world championships. Please note you must be registered on www.worldmarathonmajors.com to receive an invite.

2023 Automatic Qualifying Times

Age Group Men Women
40-44 02:35 03:05
45-49 02:42 03:11
50-54 02:48 03:21
55-59 02:57 03:30
60-64 03:10 03:48
65-69 03:26 04:06
70-74 03:40 04:35
75-79 04:06 05:05
80+ 04:40 05:25

  2) INVITATIONAL ATHLETES Athletes in the rankings who have not achieved automatic time qualification may receive an invitation based on the number of athletes who meet the Automatic Qualifying Times and the number of runners who do not take up their place. The number of athletes who receive invitations through this pathway will be determined during the rankings season.

3) THE ABBOTTWMM GLOBAL MARATHON The first Global Marathon of 2023 takes place between March 5 and April 23 and will offer up to 200 runners the chance to qualify runners for the 2024 World Championship. Click here for entry details.

You can view the Automatic Qualifying Times here

Your age on World Championship race day will determine the age group you compete in.